The First Clearing
Our first clearing
Our first clearing land for our cabin

After many weekends towing the Fun Finder RV out to the property, we decided it was time for clearing land for our future cabin site.

Having a clearing would also mean we could leave the RV at the property instead of towing it back and forth every weekend.

Clearing Land by Hand

Not having any heavy equipment (or enough sense to rent the heavy equipment), we started clearing using only an axe and a machete.

Most of the bushes were just hazelnut and roses.  So even though it was backbreaking for us city-slickers, it didn’t take long before we had a campsite size clearing.

We also found a steel fire-pit on the far side of the property. It looks like the previous owner used this as their campfire site on the beach. We dug it out and rolled it to our new clearing so we could enjoy our new camping spot.

A steel fire-pit in our new campsite
A steel fire-pit in our new campsite

We didn’t realize it at the time, but maintaining the clearing would be as much work as creating it. It wasn’t long before Nature took it back, and you couldn’t tell there ever was a clearing.  We needed a better plan and more than just an axe and machete!

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